The Wealth Puzzle: A Fiduciary’s Guide to Proper Retirement Planning

Your wealth is more than the sum total of your assets: it is also a reflection of you because your personal values and experiences directly impact how much money you have, how you choose to invest it and how you use it. In other words, just like the currency it concerns, wealth is two-sided, with the numbers on one side and the individual on the other. Michael’s goal for this book was to help readers begin to transition their thought process from the accumulation phase to the distribution phase of retirement investment and income planning.



How Your Financial Planner Failed You – Your Retirement Income Planning Essentials

The AARP reports show that an average of 10,000 baby boomers in the U.S. are turning 65 daily. This creates a need and demand on the financial services industry to adopt effective methods of helping them transition into the distribution phase of retirement. Being that we shape opinions about money, investing and financial goals throughout our working years, the challenge of this transition to retirement can be burdensome. Oftentimes, these acquired attitudes can contradict the needed solutions to create a successful retirement. In service of this philosophy, Michael has developed this book as a proprietary retirement system; which allows clients to truly define their goals, map out their future, and properly track their progress. At its core, this system is a tool to build recommendations for clients: showing them where financial inefficiencies exist, clearly depicting the relationship between returns and risk, and creating holistic and purposeful financial strategies to help clients reach their goals. Ultimately, Michael hopes to provide a tangible and individualized palette of options that clients can use to build the retirement plan they desire. Michael’s hope is that you read this book and gain a basic understanding in shaping the big picture of your retirement income plan. Concepts in this book are designed as an overview to establish the process and expectations you should have when working with your financial professional.